You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your YouTube channel, but you’re not seeing the growth you want. 

Well, it can be incredibly frustrating to put so much work into something and not see results. 

Especially when it comes to growing your YouTube channel, it’s essential to have a plan and follow it correctly to succeed.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do in order to rank #1 on YouTube for your desired keywords. 

As well as, I’ll show you how to grow your youtube channel in 30 days quickly and organically using real case studies that actually work.

So let’s dive in. 😍

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 30 Days By Reaching your audience

Since we are talking about reaching, there are two types of reach: Free and Paid.

Paid reach mostly involves advertisements, while free reach comprises organic traffic and shares that are the main focus of this guide.

How can you improve organic traffic and ensure that more people click on your YouTube videos?

Most importantly, by ensuring that your videos appear in the first position of search results, you must first know what the users are interested in.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel By Reaching your audience

If you click on YouTube’s search bar and start typing, auto-complete displays various phrases. The terms are chosen by a variety of aspects, among which is the frequency with which users have searched for a specific subject over time.

Finding out what people are searching for is an excellent method to determine what topic to discuss and what content to add to the clip.

The next step is to make your videos Search Engine Optimized (also known as SEO).

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How To Grow Your Youtube Channel Organically

Search engine optimization is a method to increase your quality as well as the quantity of site traffic via search engines. Through SEO, you’ll receive traffic for free all day long throughout the year.  

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel Organically

If you cater to your intended audience, then you can increase organic traffic easily. Thereby views will increase, and you will get new customers.

How to grow your YouTube channel in 30 days using these SEO tools,

  1. VidIQ
  2. Tubebuddy

1 – How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With vidIQ

VidIQ is a strong YouTube tool for marketing your videos with many options to help you gain more views and better rankings for your video. You can register to VidIQ free of charge.

Once you’ve registered and verified your YouTube Account details, VidIQ will ask you some questions about your youtube channel, allowing you to manage your account. Then, you’ll have access to various options:

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  • One channel and user – With the free version, you can only use one YouTube channel. Of course, you can post as many video clips as you’d like on a single channel.
  • Audience demographics – Discover more about your subscribers’ demographics, such as their gender, age, location, and more.
  • Spectate Three competitors – Monitoring competitors is a crucial element in YouTube marketing. VidIQ offers a variety of tools to keep you informed of what other people in your field or niche are doing.
  • Basic Video Analytics – You can access the Real-Time Stats Bar, which provides the most recent views hours, subscribers, watched hours, and many other crucial data.
  • Chrome extensions (Video Scorecard) – Check your VidIQ Score to know how your videos perform immediately.
  • 1-trend alerts, with only a few options – Trend alerts can provide important information on the subjects to include when making videos.

There are a few choices with this free edition, and you can reap the benefits by having access to analytics as well as using the Video Scorecard. It can also give you an excellent introduction to the platform and help you decide whether to upgrade.

VidIQ Plans

It has 3 Plans starting from,

  • Pro – Starts at $7.50/Month
  • Boost – Starts at $39/month
  • Boost+ – Starts at $415/month
VidIQ Plans
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Pro Plan

Several paid plans are available on VidIQ. But you can select certain options in each plan that determine the cost. For instance, when you choose the Boost plan, you have the option to select more channels and videos on your Keyword Engine. 

The Pro Plan includes:

  • One user and one channel  
  • Monitor over 6 competitors  
  • 1-Trend alert  
  • Top trending videos  
  • Top Tweets for video  
  • Analyzing history

The VidIQ Pro Plan is a great value for small to mid-sized companies, as well as businesses that market for clients looking to increase results from their marketing videos. Meanwhile, many features can also help save time by automating critical tasks and monitoring multiple competitors.

Boost Plan

On average, users get more views within 7 days of sign-up for the Boost plan. Boost plan comes with all the features presented in the Pro plan,

As well as:

  • 1 user and 1 to 5 channels
  • VidIQ Keyword Engine: 40, 100, 200 videos every month  
  • 5 to 15 trend alerts.
  • Monitor 20 competitors
  • Recommendations on inline tags and titles as well as a description
  • Facebook syndication
  • Video archive
  • Bulk SEO optimizations.
  • Channel wide tags
  • Dedicated SEO analytics  

VidIQ Boost provides solid value for companies with larger budgets who want to gain even more value from their video.

Boost+ Plan

Boost+ is for larger businesses or any person who wishes to increase the size of the effectiveness of their marketing.


  • Unlimited users channels, competitors monitoring, as well as VidIQ Keyword Engine videos
  • 100 Trend Alerts

2 – How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With Tubebuddy

In short, it’s software that allows you to manage, customize and increase your YouTube channel’s success. It gives you access to many options to help you make the most of the thriving YouTube marketing tool.

The most valuable part is accessing these helpful tools within the standard YouTube dashboard. Meanwhile, all the tools you require to know are how to run your video marketing strategies are easily accessible from one location.

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How Does TubeBuddy Work? 

The TubeBuddy app is actually an extension that you install into your web browser. It’s like the menu in your YouTube channel, which means you can use the tools with a one-click (also functions as an extension for Chrome).

Tubebuddy Plans

It has Three Plans starting from,

  • Pro – $7.20 Per Month
  • Star – $15.20 Per Month
  • Legend – $39.20 Per Month
Tubebuddy Plans
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Pro Plan

This plan is for those who are just beginning the YouTube journey and want to gain access to the latest methods to grow their YouTube channel.

The Pro plan costs $7.20 per month. Additionally, the company provides 50% off to youtube channels that have less than 1000 subscribers.

Star Plan

It is for Content creators seeking to maximize efficiency and reduce time. The Star plan costs $15.20 per month. It includes advanced scheduling as well as monetization and productivity tools in addition to the Pro tools.

Legend Plan

This plan is for those who want to gain the most competitive edge in making data-driven decisions as well as expanding their reach.

Legend is the most expensive plan that costs $39.20 per month and includes the complete range of features TubeBuddy offers. You can A/B test split your videos, conduct analysis of your competitors, monitor your search rankings, and much more.

3 – How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With is a comprehensive analysis tool for the YouTube channel. It allows you to track all the necessary parameters for development and gives suggestions per video to help increase the reach of your channel.

At a glance, you can see which videos are performing better than other ones, which keywords are getting more attention and what content resonates with your audience, and much more.
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It also offers a second method to find keywords/tags, determine if they’re relevant and how well they perform, and what kind of rank they can achieve. It also provides them for your private use. Pricing

The Basic Plan


  • Monthly – $4.90
  • Yearly – $46.8


  • Limited* – Keyword Research Tool
  • Unlimited – Rich Channel Analytics
MorningFa·me The Basic Plan
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The Plus Plan


  • Monthly – $12.90
  • Yearly – $118.8


  • Unlimited – Keyword Research Tool
  • Unlimited – Rich Channel Analytics
MorningFa·me The Plus Plan
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How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With Quora: Find your target audience

Another strategy that aids in growing your YouTube channel within 30 days is to create articles in Quora. It is a platform where everybody can ask questions, and everyone can respond to questions.

As well as if want to know how to Start Your Own Online Business With Zero Audience, Or are interested in How To Create a Website In 2022 besides your youtube channel don’t forget to check out.

Read below How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With Quora benefits.

How will you get benefit from this? 

Similar to YouTube’s well-known function of searching, Quora is an excellent👌 tool for market research. When you search for the topic of your choice, you’ll see others that are relevant that you can follow.

Quora’s primary strength as a natural traffic generator is in the integration of your YouTube content into questions related to your topic.

Suppose your response is voted as helpful, and boom💥, You’re doing it right!

Therefore, continue to provide valuable and informative solutions to subjects you’re knowledgeable about. Also, include relevant hyperlinks to your YouTube videos to create free, quality organic traffic.

When you are an experienced contributor, be sure to look for questions that are recent, with more views and a few responses.

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Now is the time to begin your journey to expand your YouTube channel by following these easy strategies.

However, to enhance your essential abilities for your online business, be sure you check out my articles, and I hope you like the guide on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 30 Days.😘

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