Replug serves as a decent link shortener, but it falls short in terms of affordability and user-friendliness.

In our testing, we found a few significant areas where Replug lags behind:

  • Lack of beginner-friendly dashboard,
  • No custom-branded domain in lower plan,
  • Short link redirection with 302 header code,
  • Restrictive click limits coupled with high pricing plans.

If you’re exploring alternatives to Replug without breaking the bank, you’ve landed in the right spot. 😎

Enter Linko, the solution that not only addresses these shortcomings but also revolutionizes your link optimization strategy.

Stay with us as we delve into a detailed comparison between Replug and Linko and discover how Linko can transform your approach to link management.

Don’t settle for less when the best Replug alternative is just a few clicks away.

A quick review of Replug and Linko: Replug alternative


Linko stands out as a comprehensive link management solution with a robust set of features that cover every aspect from start to finish.

It offers everything you need for an effective marketing campaign, including advanced URL shortening, creating link-in bios, QR code generation, file sharing, and SMS marketing.

With Linko’s advanced URL shortener, you can precisely tailor your marketing campaigns.

Target specific demographics by sending traffic to your short links based on parameters such as location, device type, language preferences, and even IP addresses.


Replug offers a versatile link management solution that includes a variety of features geared toward businesses rather than individuals.

Replug simplifies the process of URL shortening, allowing users to create concise and memorable links that drive engagement and conversions.

Beyond basic link shortening, Replug provides advanced features like link tracking, which allows users to track the performance of their shortened URLs in real time.

This valuable data insight allows users to make more informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Replug’s premium features are primarily for businesses and agencies, whereas Linko’s premium features are equally available to individuals and businesses.

Pricing comparison: Cheaper alternative to Replug

Linko and Replug have almost the same pricing but offer different plans and feature limitations.

Replug allows you to create an unlimited number of short URLs, but their plans limit the number of clicks you can receive each month.

But Linko offers an unlimited number of short URLs and clicks, regardless of whether you choose our individual or agency plan.

Let’s compare Linko pricing vs Replug pricing.

Monthly Pricing

ToolsFree PlanBasic/IndividualProfessional/BusinessAgency
ReplugNo Free Plan$19/month$49/month$79/month

Annual/Lifetime Pricing

ToolsFree PlanBasic/IndividualProfessional/BusinessAgency
ReplugNo Free Plan$180/annual$468/annual$756/annual

Linko vs Replug: Features and Benefits

In terms of features and benefits, Replug and Linko both claim to be a complete link management solution.

However, both offer a comprehensive set of features and tools that every digital marketer needs.

But first, let’s look at the similarities between Linko and Replug and how they can benefit your business or online presence.

Link Shortener

A link shortener is a tool that converts long URLs into shorter, more manageable, and more memorable links.

Shortened URLs are used in sharing on social media or in messages to save space and improve readability.

Linko and Replug both have a robust URL shortener that comes with advanced targeting and retargeting features.

As I previously stated, Replug’s URL shortening dashboard is not user-friendly for beginners. However, Linko’s dashboard for link shortening is simple and easy to use.

Linko allows you to shorten a single or multiple links at once, whereas Replug only allows you to shorten one link at a time.

Benefits of short link

  • Short links drive more clicks by making URLs concise and shareable. Maximize your online presence with easily memorable links that attract clicks across platforms.
  • Customize short links to reinforce your brand identity with each click. Build trust and visibility by sharing recognizable links tailored to your brand.
  • Short links simplify the user experience and increase engagement rates. Encourage interaction and conversions with easily accessible content.
  • Short link analytics can help you understand click data and user behavior. Optimize your marketing strategies and make informed decisions to help your business grow.

The number of features available in Linko and Replug for link shortening.

Features For Link ShorteningLinkoReplug
Number of Short Links50 – UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Link Click1,000 – Unlimited10K – Unlimited
Branded LinksYesYes
UTM TagsYesYes
Custom ParametersYesNo
Parameter ForwarderYesYes
Custom URL Back-HalfYesYes
Password ProtectionYesYes
Link SchedulingYesNo
Link Expiration By Date & TimeYesYes
Link Expiration By ClickYesNo
Link Expiration RedirectionYesNo
Link Expiration ImageNoYes
Link TagsYesYes
Hide ReferrerYesNo
A/B TestingYesYes
Link CloakingYesNo
Device TargetingYesYes
Browser TargetingNoYes
OS TargetingYesYes
Language TargetingYesNo
IP TargetingYesYes
Targeting by DateNoYes
Targeting by Day of WeekNoYes
Custom FaviconYesYes
Social Sharing PreviewYesYes

Link Management

Link management refers to the process of organizing, customizing (branding), and optimizing your links.

Linko and Replug both strive to provide all of the features that typical online users, professional digital marketers, or agencies require.

However, at Linko, we believe that we provide more and better features than Replug for link management in any digital marketing aspect.

But before we get into the features that these two best link shorteners offer, let us go over some of the benefits of link management.

Benefits of link management

  • Link management optimizes your links to increase online exposure by making them shorter and shareable.
  • Customize shortened links to ensure consistent branding and increase brand recognition with each click. Establish trust and credibility by using a consistent brand identity across all marketing channels.
  • You can analyze link performance and user engagement to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Also, gain valuable insights to help you improve your approach and achieve success.
  • A link management tool allows you to add retargeting pixels to your links. This allows you to track user interactions and retarget website visitors with personalized ads, leading to higher conversion rates.

The number of features available in Linko and Replug for link management.

Features For Link ManagementLinkoReplug
Bio LinksYesYes
QR CodesYesYes
File SharingYesNo
Send SMS via TwilioYesNo
Archived Link ManagementYesYes
Expired Link ManagementYesNo
Broken Links ManagementYesNo
Import LinksYesYes
Export LinksYesYes
Custom Splash PagesYesNo
Call to Actions (CTAs)YesYes
Branded DomainYesYes
Regargeting PixelsYesYes
RSS AutomationNoYes
Email ReportYesYes
Custom ReportYesNo
Link AnalyticsYesYes
Recycle BinYesNo
Developer APIYesYes
Chrome ExtensionYesYes

Link Analytics

The second most important reason for shortening a link or using a link shortener is link analytics/statistics.

Link analytics is a key factor for tracking the number of clicks, analyzing the performance of links, and optimizing campaigns.

So, a link shortener should provide basic or advanced statistics for shortened links, allowing you to track their performance over time.

Fortunately, Replug and Linko are two of the top URL shorteners that offer advanced link analytics.

But first, let’s discuss the benefits of link analytics and which tools provide what types of data within analytics.

Benefits of link analytics

  • Link analytics help you refine your marketing strategies and improve your online performance.
  • You can get real-time visibility into your link performance by tracking clicks, conversions, and user engagement to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Analyzing link metrics allows you to optimize your resources and investments for higher returns. Identify top-performing channels and strategically allocate resources to maximise ROI.
  • Link analytics enable you to make more informed decisions by providing valuable information on audience preferences and trends.

The number of features available in Linko and Replug for link analytics.

Link Analytics FeaturesLinkoReplug
Click/Scan Data History30 days – UnlimitedN/A
Analytics Custom Date RangeYesYes
Country-Level DataYesYes
City-Level DataYesNo
Browser DataYesYes
Language DataYesNo
Device DataYesYes
Referrer DataYesYes
A/B TestingYesNo
Real-Time AnalyticsYesYes
Private/Public ReportsYesNo
Custom Report BuilderYesNo
Your Logo In ReportsYesNo
Aggregated ReportsYesNo
Link-in-bio Button ClicksYesNo
Link-in-bio ViewsYesNo
Link-in-bio Performance HistoryYesNo
Link-in-bio Analytics Custom Date RangeYesNo
Data ExportYesYes
GDPR CompliantYesYes

Read More Comaprisons

Bio Links

A Bio Link, or Link in Bio, is a link hub that contains all of your important links.

Since 2016, the landscape of bio pages has shifted dramatically, expanding far beyond their original purpose as link repositories.

Today, bio pages have evolved into dynamic websites, also known as mini-online stores.

Replug does have a Bio Link tool, but it is very basic, with only 7 widgets/blocks for creating a bio page.

However, Linko, like its advanced link shortener, provides a comprehensive and robust Link in Bio tool, which includes 36 widgets/blocks to create a stunning Link in Bio.

Let’s talk about some benefits of link-in-bio.

Benefits of Bio links

  • A link in bio combines multiple links into one, making navigation easier for users.
  • With a bio link, you can promote multiple web pages or products without overwhelming your audience.
  • Streamline your promotional efforts by sending followers to relevant content via a single link.
  • Improve the user experience and increase conversions by making it simple for users to access your offerings.
  • Bio Page tools provide useful analytics, such as click-through rates, traffic sources, and user demographics, that can help you target specific audiences.

The number of features available in Linko and Replug’s Link in Bio tool.

Link in Bio FeaturesLinkoReplug
Bio Page Quantity1 – Unlimited5 -50
Profile ImageYesYes
Social Networks2228
Header LayoutYesNo
Pre-Designed ThemesYesYes
Custom Background ColorsYesYes
GIF For BackgroundYesNo
Image For BackgroundYesNo
Button & Font StylesYesNo
Font TypesYesNo
Button AnimationYesNo
Retargeting PixelsYesYes
Password ProtectionYesNo
Custom HTMLYesNo
Custom CSSYesNo
Link-in-bio QR CodeYesYes
Sensitive ContentYesNo
Meta Tags For SEOYesYes
Geo TargetingYesNo
Language TargetingYesNo
Client Portal: Bio Editor SharingYesNo

QR Codes

QR codes are the second most frequently used asset in digital and offline marketing.

QR codes are now widely used in both online and offline applications, ranging from online payments to contactless menus in restaurants.

It enables seamless interactions between customers and businesses, providing quick access to information, promotions, and transactions.

As far as I see, I haven’t found any QR code generatortools in Replug yet.

But Linko offers an advanced QR code generator tool with 14 different QR code types and advanced customization options.

Let’s see what type of QR code we offer at Linko’s QR code generator.

Dynamic QR CodesStatic QR Codes
vCard QR CodeText QR Code
Link QR CodeWiFi QR Code
SMS QR CodeEvent QR Code
Email QR CodeStatic vCard QR Code
WhatsApp QR CodeSMS & Message QR Code
Phone Number QR Code
Application QR Code
File Sharing QR Code
Cryptocurrency QR Code

By the way, you can also use our free QR code generator tool without creating an account at Linko.

Benefits of QR Codes

  • QR codes enable quick access to information and services with a single scan, improving the user experience and engagement.
  • QR codes enable safe and convenient transactions while minimizing physical touchpoints in a variety of contexts, such as payments and ticketing.
  • You can track QR code scans, measure user interaction, and learn more about the preferences and behavior of your customers with the analytics tools that a QR code generator provides.
  • QR codes are accessible to a wide range of users, including those with disabilities, because they can be scanned with smartphone accessibility features like screen readers and voice commands.

The number of features available in Replug and Linko’s QR Code generator.

QR Code FeaturesLinkoReplug
QR Code limit1 – UnlimitedN/A
QR Code Types14N/A
Custom LogoYesNo
Color OptionsYesNo
Pattern CustomizationsYesNo
Download FormatPDF/PNG/WebP/SVGNo

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of comparing two different versions of something.

A/B testing in link shortening involves comparing two versions of a shortened link to see which one performs better in terms of click-through rates, conversions, or other metrics.

This method allows marketers (you) to optimize link performance by testing variations such as different call-to-action phrases, link placements, or landing pages.

The A/B testing feature in Linko and Replug is nearly identical and works in the same way.

You can add multiple different links for A/B testing and specify the percentage of traffic distribution for each link.

However, at Linko, we also have an equal and random link rotator (random A/B testing) feature.

Let’s see what the benefits of A/B testing are.

Benefits of A/B Testing

  • A/B testing refines strategies by comparing variations and determining the most effective approach, thereby improving overall performance.
  • Experiment with different elements to maximize conversion rates and tailor marketing campaigns to achieve better results.
  • A/B testing ensures a more personalized user experience, lowering bounce rates and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Use real-time data to iteratively improve strategies and maintain a competitive advantage.

The number of features available in Replug and Linko’s A/B testing.

A/B Testing FeaturesLinkoReplug
A/B TestingYesYes
Add Multiple LinksYesYes
Determine the traffic percentageYesYes
A/B Testing Stats in Link AnalyticsYesNo
Note: A/B testing is only available on higher plans in Replug, whereas Linko offers it on all plans.

Retargeting Pixels

A retargeting pixel is a snippet of code embedded within shortened links that tracks user behavior and displays targeted advertisements to people who have previously visited a website or interacted with specific content.

Retargeting pixels enables marketers to connect with potential customers who have expressed interest in their products or services, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Linko and Replug both have a retargeting pixel feature that you can embed in your shortened links to recover lost leads or sales.

However, with Replug’s basic plan, you can only add 1 retargeting pixel, whereas Linko’s individual plan allows you to add 20 retargeting pixels for the same price.

Let us talk about some benefits of retargting pixels.

Benefits of retargeting pixels

  • Retargeting pixels allow you to send highly targeted ads to interested users, increasing your conversion rates.
  • Remind previous visitors about products or actions, encouraging them to complete purchases and increasing ROI.
  • Consistent exposure across multiple platforms strengthens brand recognition, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Targeting familiar prospects ensures effective budget allocation, which optimizes advertising spending.

The number of retargeting pixel platforms that Replug and Linko support.

Retargeting Pixel PlatformsLinkoReplug
Google Tag ManagerYesYes
Google AnalyticsYesYes
Google AdsYesYes
X (Twitter)YesYes

Deep Linking

Deep linking is the process of creating shortened URLs that direct users to specific pages or sections of a website or mobile application.

This method bypasses the traditional navigation process, allowing users to quickly access desired content without having to navigate multiple pages.

Marketers use deep linking to improve the user experience by making it easier to find relevant information, increasing engagement, and boosting conversion rates.

Replug and Linko both provide deep linking features in addition to native universal links.

Let’s see the benefits of using deep linking.

Benefits of deep linking

  1. Deep linking directs users to relevant content, increasing their satisfaction and engagement.
  2. It ensures a smooth transition from web to app, enhancing the user experience and encouraging more app installations.
  3. Deep linking improves the discoverability of valuable content, which boosts overall SEO performance and drives organic traffic.
  4. Deep linking in mobile apps promotes smooth transitions between web and app content, which increases user retention and engagement.

Call To Actions Overlay

A call-to-action (CTA) overlay, also known as a small side-bottom popup, is a prompt that appears on a webpage to encourage users to complete a specific action.

CTAs are typically placed in the bottom corner or as overlays, allowing users to subscribe, download, or engage further with the content.

CTAs in link shortening increase engagement and conversions by capturing the user’s attention at critical points in the journey.

Linko and Replug both provide call-to-action overlays, but they are not identical.

Replug provides better and more diverse display triggers and popup triggers, but it only supports 3 CTA types.

However, Linko supports 6 CTA types but does not support display or popup triggers. Linko also provides CTAs on the RSS feed.

Benefits of call-to-action (CTA) overlay

  • CTA overlays encourage users to take action, which improves engagement with your content or offers.
  • You can increase the number of targeted clicks or leads by adding a custom CTA to your branded short links.
  • CTAs direct users to specific actions, which effectively increases conversion rates.
  • Call-to-action overlays make navigation easier, improve the user experience, and reduce friction for more seamless interactions.

The number of CTA overlays that Replug and Linko support.

CTA Overlay FeaturesLinkoReplug
CTA Contact/FormYesYes
CTA Message/ButtonYesYes
CTA ImageYesNo
CTA PollYesNo
CTA NewsletterYesNo
CTA CouponYesNo
CTA LinkNoYes
Display TriggerNoYes
Popup TriggerNoYes
CTA CustomizationsYesYes

Making the Right Choice: Is Linko the best Replug alternative?

Whether Linko is the best Replug alternative or not is entirely dependent on your needs, features, and ease of use.

When comparing these two best link management tools, we can conclude that they both provide almost all of the features that digital marketers and agencies require for link management.

However, we have discussed in detail the pros of both link shorteners, including their benefits and features.

But let us look at their cons and decide which one you should choose.

Replug Cons

  1. Limited clicks.
  2. No user-friendly dashboard.
  3. Fewer retargeting pixels.
  4. No QR code generator yet.
  5. Fewer Bio Link widgets.
  6. Fewer CTA types.

Linko Cons

  1. No workspaces.
  2. Fewer platforms supported for deep linking.
  3. No email integration yet.
  4. No custom Widgets.
  5. Half white-labled.
  6. No custom scripts.


Does Replug offer a free account?

No, Replug does not offer a free plan or account.

Does Linko offer a free account?

Yes, Linko offers a free plan with a free link shortener, a free QR code generator, and a free bio link tool with generious feature limits.

Which link shortener is better than Replug?

Linko is one of the best URL shorteners, with advanced analytics, customizable branding, and conversion-focused features. It is the top choice for individuals and small agencies looking to optimize their digital footprint and increase conversion rates.

Can I import my Replug links to Linko?

Yes, simply export your links from Replug and import them into your Linko account using our link importer tool.

Does Linko have a retargeting pixel feature?

Yes, Linko offers a retargeting pixel feature for shortened links. It supports retargeting pixels for 14 advertising platforms, allowing users to track and optimize their retargeting campaigns effectively.

Does Linko offer A/B testing?

Yes, Linko provides A/B testing functionality. Linko’s A/B testing capabilities allow users to optimize their link strategies and improve their overall online performance.

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